The Construction Zone!  Houston N'Crowd's New Club Layout
July/August/September 2007
The layout space is upstairs at Papa Ben's Train Place.

You are invited to stop by and check our progress:  The layout room will be open most Saturdays.

Passengers wait at Houston Union Station

Above and below:  Scenes are shaping up on the Bayou City & Gulf.  These pictures were taken in August by Ted Davis; July seems to have slipped by with a lot of progress but few photos!  (August 2007)
The cows are loose behind Chef Sven's place!

Spike's Salvage

Above:  Spike's Salvage is one of the railroad's busiest industries at present.  (August 2007)

Below:   A picture of Chef Sven taking a picture of someone taking a picture of Chef Sven taking a picture.  Everyone else appears to be working!  (August 2007)

Battling photographers grab the scene

On the BC&G
Above:  Chef Sven captured this view on the BC&G.  (August 2007) 
What has happened to the rest of Marty?

Above:  See-through Marty.  (August 2007)

Below:  What Marty sees inside the helix (August 2007)

Helix wiring

Below:   Steve is fast becoming our Ground Foam Guru.  (August 2007)

Ground foam guru
Container cranes

Above:  Steve's container cranes stand at the ready for employment at the BC&G's Port of Houston terminal.
(August 2007)

Below:  Ted has documented the progress on the peninsula's skyboard in the four photos below.  (August 2007)
Peninsula work continues
Peninsula work continues
Peninsula work continues

Peninsula work continues

Industrial area on the BC&G
Above and below:  Photos by Ted show progress on an industrial area on the BC&G.  (September 2007)
Industrial area on the BC&G
Below:  Progress on the lower level.  Three photos by Ted Davis.  (September 2007)
BC&G lower level
BC&G lower level

BC&G lower level
On the BC&G

Above:  Scenery is nearing completion on other parts of the BC&G.  Photo by Ted Davis. (September 2007)
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