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Houston N'Crowd Special Run Cars
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The N'Crowd Model Railroad Society has produced a number of special run cars over the years. Click here to download a PDF list of all (or almost all) of the special run cars the N'Crowd has produced since its founding in 1978.

Over time, some records have been lost.  If you have corrections or additions for the list, please email tom@houstonNcrowd.org.

We will be posting descriptions and more photos of our special run cars on this page as they become available.

Special thanks to the photographers who have contributed to this effort!
If you can provide a photo of one of the cars shown as "photo coming soon" please do so.

N'Crowd also ordered several cars over the years with dimensional data only; these cars will not be pictured, but they are included on the PDF list.

Kato black tank car 1978
1978:  NCTX 177 (black) by Kato
Also produced in dark blue (photo coming soon)

T&NO 4782
1982:  T&NO 4782 by Con-Cor

HBTX 1982
1982:  HBTX 1982 box car by Con-Cor

TMRX 3082
1982:  TMRX 3082 box car by Con-Cor
GW 1083
1983:  GWF 1083 by Con-Cor
MC&SA 6183
1983:  MC&SA 6183 by Con-Cor

HBTX 1983
1983:  HBTX 1983 box car by Con-Cor

1983:  T&NO 4783 hopper by Con-Cor (photo coming soon)
1983:  TMRX 3083 box car by Con-Cor (photo coming soon)
N'Crowd 10th Anniversary car by Kadee
1988:  MP 4334 by Kadee
N'Crowd box car light blue
N'Crowd 1989 Convention Car
1989:  NCDX two-pack by Kadee

1989:  NCDX 1989 box car by Atlas (photo coming soon)

TSRR 300
1989:  TSRR 300 from set by Atlas/Bachmann/Rivarossi

TSRR 300
1989:  TSRR 303 from set by Atlas/Bachmann/Rivarossi

1989:  TSRR 61 from set by Atlas/Bachmann/Rivarossi

1989:  TSRR 72 from set by Atlas/Bachmann/Rivarossi

1989:  TSRR 74 from set by Atlas/Bachmann/Rivarossi
N'Crowd HTC 849 by Kadee
1991:  H&TC 849 by Kadee
N'Crowd GH&H reefer by Micro-Trains
1992:  GH&H 378 by Micro-Trains
N'Crowd 1993 Convention Car
1993:  BC&G 93627 by Micro-Trains

Roundhouse NASA tank car kit
1993:  NLAX 190 tank car by Roundhouse

NLAX 191
1993:  NLAX 191 tank car by Roundhouse

UFIX 5010 CoalPorter
1997: UFIX CoalPorter by deluxe innovations.
Single cars and 10 packs were made.
NCDX 9820
1998:  NCDX 9820 black by Micro-Trains

N'Crowd 20th Anniversary tank car by Micro-Trains
1998:  NCDX 9820 blue by Micro-Trains
C&IG 218
1999:  C&IG 218 by Micro-Trains
IGN 1903
IGN 1904
2000:  IGN 1903/1904 two-pack by Micro-Trains
SA&AP 7296
SA&AP 8499
2001:  SA&AP 7296/8499 two-pack by Micro-Trains
Moon Car
NASA Tank Car
2003:  National N Scale Convention two-pack by Micro-Trains
2003 Convention Car
2003:  BCG 2003 Gray Convention Car by Micro-Trains

BC&G Precision Design boxcar

2011: BC&G Precision Design Boxcar
by Atlas/Double R Graphics
1983 Observation Car
1983:  The First National N Scale Convention  by Con-Cor
2003 Observation Car
2003:  BC&G Houston by Kato