Pictures from the 2007 Greater Houston Train Show and N'Crowd Open House

N'Crowd at the show

Above:  Ted Davis mans the N'Crowd table at the 2007 Greater Houston Train Show.

Below:  Stafford Centre.

Show time!

Ray at the Division 8 table

Above:  N'Crowd member and LSR NMRA Division 8 President Ray Byer extols the benefits of NMRA membership.

Below:  Action on one of the HO scale modular railroads at the show.

No, it's not N scale

Not N either

Above and below:  Two ways to have fun - S scale and Z scale.

It's smaller than N

Always a favorite from Galveston County

Above:  The highly animated Galvestion County Model Railroad Club's traveling N scale layout is always a hit.

Three photos below:  N'Crowd showed off the new fascia on the BC&G during the open house held during the Greater Houston Train Show.

N Crowd open house

N Crowd open house

N Crowd open house

Houston N'Crowd