The Construction Zone!  Houston N'Crowd's New Club Layout
April/May/June 2005
The layout space is upstairs at Papa Ben's Train Place.

You are invited to stop by and check our progress:  The layout room will be open most Saturdays.

Construction Zone #3

Above:  A layout plan has been agreed and the work begins.  A paper mockup allowed a check on aisle and other dimensions.  Wide aisles are designed to make the visitor experience as positive as possible.  (May 2005)

Construction Zone #1

Above:  Terry and Ted install the valance for the lighting for the hallway portion of the layout.  This portion of the layout, protected by a plexiglass case, will be in view of the public whenever Papa Ben's Train Place is open.  (June 2005)

Below:  Terry prepares the backdrop wall for the hallway portion of the layout. (June 2005)

Construction Zone #2

Below:  Lower level benchwork takes shape in the main layout room.  Yes, it is really a "lower" level in this view; the legs are yet to be installed.  The lower level will be at a height that will allow younger children to view the layout without needing a boost.  One of two helixes connecting the upper and lower levels will occupy this corner.  (June 2005)

Construction Zone #4

Construction Zone #5

Above:  More progress on the exterior hall display area.  (June 2005)

Below:  Phase 1 of the lower level now stands on the unique legs designed by Terry, our master carpenter.  (June 2005)

Construction Zone #6

Construction Zone #7

Above:  Another view of the lower level under construction.  The area in the corner will support one of the new layout's two helixes.  (June 2005)

Photos above provided by Ted Davis.

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