The Construction Zone!  Houston N'Crowd's New Club Layout
July/August/September 2005
The layout space is upstairs at Papa Ben's Train Place.

You are invited to stop by and check our progress:  The layout room will be open most Saturdays.

Below:  Glen and Gordon discuss progress to date.  (July 2005)

Construction Zone #8
Construction Zone #8

Above:  Lighting installed and functional in the hallway display area.  (July 2005)

Two photos above provided by Tom Marsh.
Photos below provided by Ted Davis.


Above and below:  Progress as of early September 2005.  Terry and Marty have test-fit the first sub-roadbed in the hallway display area.  (September 2005)

First subroadbed installed!

Progress as of early September 2005

Above and below:  Making progress in the main room.  (September 2005)




Above and below:  Breakthrough!  Tunneling through the walls at Papa Ben's.  Does Ben know about this?


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