The Construction Zone!  Houston N'Crowd's New Club Layout
January/February/March 2007
The layout space is upstairs at Papa Ben's Train Place.

You are invited to stop by and check our progress:  The layout room will be open most Saturdays.

BC&G 2007

Above and below:  Industries take shape on the BC&G.  (January 2007)
Below:  Trains are running on selected BC&G divisions! (January 2007)


Above and three below:  N'Crowd members workin' on the railroad. (January 2007)



Below:  New overpass disguises tunnel through wall.  (January 2007)


Photos above by Tom Marsh using Ted's camera:  Thanks, Ted!

We've been workin' on the railroad!

Above and below:  Gordon, Sven, Ted and Eric hard at play.  (February 2007)
Eric still plays with trains.

Stranger in a strange land.

Above:  Somehow an EMD export loco has made its way to the Port of Houston on the BC&G.  This is a Kato EMD Class 66 (or in EMD parlance, a JT42CWR) running in the livery of Heavy Haul Power International.  (February 2007)

Tornado alley?

Above:  Terry creates his own tornado alley.  (February 2007)

Below:  Action on the BC&G.  Terry's clouds make the scene; someone needs to mow the grass.  (February 2007)

BC&G action

February photos above by Tom Marsh.

Open House

Above and two below:  Members and visitors admire Terry's new fascia during the N'Crowd open house, which was held in conjunction with the Greater Houston Train Show.  (February 2007)

Open House

Open House

Amtrak at Bennett

Above:  Amtrak's Sunset Limited pulls into Bennett on the BC&G.  (February 2007)

Four photos above by Tom Marsh.

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