The Construction Zone!  Houston N'Crowd's New Club Layout
October/November/December 2006
The layout space is upstairs at Papa Ben's Train Place.

You are invited to stop by and check our progress:  The layout room will be open most Saturdays.

Open House 2006

Above and four photos below:  The BC&G is featured for the first time as part of the annual layout tour sponsored by the San Jacinto Model Railroad Club. Ted Davis took these views.  Terry Hooks scratchbuilt the modern water tower.  (November 2006)
Open House 2006
Open House 2006
Open House 2006
Open House 2006
Still more progress!

Above:  Still more progress on both levels. Photo above and four below by Tom Marsh. (December 2006)

Below:  Trains are running on selected BC&G divisions! (December 2006)

Trains are running on the BC&G

More yard trackage is in place

Above:  More yard trackage is in place. (December 2006)

Two photos below:  Work continues on the port area.  (December 2006)

The Port area
Port progress

Five photos above by Tom Marsh.
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