The New Construction Zone!  Houston N'Crowd's Next New Club Layout

July/August/September 2009

Construction is well under way on the new BC&G at the new Papa Ben's!
Visit us at 4007-E Bellaire Blvd., Houston.
The layout room is open most Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

BC&G construction continues

Above and two below:  Construction continues in early July.

BC&G construction continues

BC&G construction continues

Cabooses by Joe Kingsberry

Above, Joe Kingsberry donated these super-detailed cabooses to the BC&G in July.

BC&G construction continues

Above and below: August brings more of the same, as we prepare the BC&G for a BIG EVENT.

BC&G construction continues

BC&G construction continues

Above: Track work reaches the second peninsula in August.
Below: Scenery for the brewery complex.

BC&G construction continues

First run on the new BC&G!

Above: Green board for the first official run on the new BC&G!
Passenger Extra 4025 West glides through Bennett after the August 19 membership meeting.

Click on the newsletter cover at left for the full story.
Click on the video screen at right to download a video of the train passing the depot at Bennett.

Click for full story of the first run! Click for a video of the first run

BC&G first run!

Above:  Ray Byer deals with some last-minute electrical issues just before the first run.

BC&G Passenger Extra 4025 West

Above: The westbound train passes the Bennett Fire Department headquarters station.
Below: The return eastbound run passes through Bennett.

BC&G Passenger Extra 4025 East


Above: Derailment at Bennett! Fortunately, this did not affect the first run passenger special.

Below: Late September saw even more progress on the BC&G!

Workin' on the railroad!

Horseshoe curve?

Above: More mainline trackage.

Below: Steve Redd tackles some wiring.

Progress on the BC&G

Brewery takes shape

Above: The brewery takes shape.
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