The New Construction Zone!  Houston N'Crowd's Next New Club Layout

October/November/December 2009

Construction is well under way on the new Bayou City & Gulf at Papa Ben's Train Place!
Visit us at 4007-E Bellaire Blvd., Houston.
The layout room is open most Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What is going on?

Above, Layout Master Charlie Aselin appears troubled, but our master electrician Ray Byer soldiers on regardless!

One of the Steve's at work

Above and below: October sees the two Steves hard at work.

One of the Steves at work


Above, things get a little kinky when Steve Redd wields the drill.

Working on the railroad!

Above, Ted Davis and Charlie fit the scenic divider on one of the peninsulas.

Progress on the BC&G - October 2009

Above and below: Late October sees Steve Lancaster making great progress on scenery.

War baby on the BC&G

Artist at contemplation

It's early November and we're getting ready for our open house
during the San Jacinto Model Railroad Club's fall layout tours.

Above and below: Artist in residence Terry Hooks contemplates the scene as he works.

Artist at work

What is going on?

Above, Senneff and Sons send President Ted running from the room.

Below, the area between the peninsulas takes shape.

BC&G takes shape

Working on the railroad

Above and below: Steve and Charlie make a push before the Open House.

Working on the railroad

2009 Open House2009 Open House

Above and below: The first weekend in December, and the BC&G is up and running for the layout tour event!
(Four photos by Ted Davis and a mystery photographer using Ted's camera.)

2009 Open HouseOpen House reflections

Party 2009!

Above and below: All work and no play... We take a break from construction for our 2009 holiday bash!

Party 2009!

BC&G takes shape

Above and below: 2009 winds down with great progress having been made on the BC&G!
Congratulations and thanks to everyone who made it possible.

BC&G takes shape

Sunset on the BC&G

Above, late afternoon on New Year's Eve 2009 finds BC&G No. 4025 awaiting its next assignment.

Houston N'Crowd wishes you a safe and happy 2010 - watch for a first quarter 2010 update in March!

Photos by Tom Marsh unless noted otherwise.
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